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Fellow naija guys, and my african queens, How una dey na? welcome to my blog. I just dey write about everyday life in yankee town, so make una drop by, relax, read am, drop comment and also come back for more. Thanks.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Baby, am married."

We have been dreading this day for the past couple months. A lotta things have been in the works that we haven't had any power over. Am at the airport, looking at her, thinking, "Damn dude, is this really happening? Is this goodbye for ever?". I could just take the next step and tell her not to go, that she should stay with me, we will deal with the repercussions from her family later, but I ask myself " what do I have to offer her? would I be acting selfishly? Do I have what it takes to keep her happy? Would she still love me five years down the road?"

Twelve hours earlier, we were making passionate love, she was on top of me, staring at me, and just grinding the hell outta me. She told me she loved me, and I believed her, it felt good to be loved and to love someone back in return. You know when you have that oh yeah feeling, you are with the right person, and that everything is good, I was there and I was loving every moment of it.

For the past three months we have shared an apartment together, despite the recession I was lucky to get a paid summer internship at the company she worked for, so i moved in with her. We were living the dream, the perfect couple, we had even gone a step forward in our relationship, after five negative Hiv/Std tests spread over the course of a year, we had shed the condoms and were going bareback, she was on birth control of course. We got back from work together, she cooked, i cleaned, We went for long walks together, we went for weekends gateway, oh the long weekend drives to Canada, doing the touristy thing and just having good old fun, and oh did I mention the sex, all i gotta say it was smoking hot, every single time.

So am here at the airport kissing her, telling her goodbye, watching her walk away to board her flight. she was gonna have a stop over in Chicago, arrive in London, stay for a few days with her girlfriends, before catching a flight with them to India. After watching her plane leave, I went back to our apartment to finish boxing my stuff, loaded them in my car and started crying my heart out on the five hours drive back.

Five days later, I get the call I have been dreading. All she said was "Baby, am married. Am so sorry" and she started crying. Its then that it hits me, I might have just made the worst mistake of my life, I have lost Nadia to the evil of arranged marriage.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tori dey, plenti plenti

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls did u miss me? Yes O, I don land, the intercontinetal, extraterrestial, ballistic missile is here, yes, yes, yes u guys have been waiting for me, u can't deny it.

So whats good? Me i just dey o, Infact i over bam. Tori plenty, Tori plenty nyafu nyafu. I took a hiatus to concentrate on school for a minute, but I just dey enjoy my spring break o. Oga fineguy and Nolan ran to puerto rico on Saturday to escape the cold, those craze boys just dey catch fun anyhow, man i was too broke to go anyway. I know too gbadu the idea of shelling pepper for just one week vacation, if persin one go vacation it has to be at least three weeks na, abi no be so, instead persin fit use the opportunity work overtime make peper na.(The excuses of a broke brother)

So while those two jackarses were outta town, i come decide to hang out with my good friend Trevor on monday, so we went to his parents place which was like two hours away, the guy sisters fine no be small, see as my eye just dey pop from socket as i dey sample dem for my mind. Trust me now, being the charming gentleman dat I am, i just dey entertain them, at the same time, i dey try toast the elder sis. Later in the day we decided to go snowmobiling, ol boi that was the worst idea ever, i fell of twice and the last time, i was going really fast not knowing that d particular bend had little snow and it was just ice underneath, omo na so the snowmobile spin comot, d mumu thing throw me for air, na so i just come land on top hard ice. Ol boi I just lie down there, dey wonder who send me, people dey enjoy their life for warm place, na so i wan come break leg for this cold place. Needless to say, I was gimping around and had to use icy hot patch thingy on my poor leg.

So on other stories, havent seen Nadia since january, shes been kinda busy, and they way they just dey fire people anyhow this days, I no wan stress the girl at all,i just wan make she concentrate on her job without distraction, but d gal wicked sha o. She call me the six days ago na, say make i go on messenger say she wan show me something, she told me to still be on the line and not to cut the call. So i logged on now and the gal had her webcam on, and she had this sexy nurse outfit on, ol boi the gal just dey talk dirty to me, d strip dance gimme. omo na so i just run go lock my room door cos I no wan make nolan or oga fineguy just enter room see my babe naked for webcam. Omo na so nadia, just comot her toys o, the gal just begin dey play with her boobs now, come dey play with her u know what, omo i was transfixed o, as she just dey use her rabitt on her clit just dey moan, ol boi before i know am, me sef i don begin dey choke my chicken o, omo as i take find my Olay's body lotion begin dey stroke junior officer eh e be like say na movie. There'something abt seeing ur babe's wet, juicy u know what, wey go make person blood boil. Na so nadia just dey moan, dey thrash for her side, me i just dey moan for my side, na so we just release that energy together. That was my first phone sex session and it was fantabolous.

On other news, whatsup with most naija boys and the lack of foreplay before sex. Na so i introduce one guy like dat give one of my old runs, na so d bobo just follow d gal go house o. Later that evening the gal call me, tell me say my friend sucked in bed. Me i dey wonder whether the guy just perform one minute man, i dey pity the guy, but the gal come tell me say, say d bobo just tugged on her cloth, undressed her, rolled a condom on and started poking away, when he was done, he rolled on his side and went to sleep. she was dissapointed, no foreplay at all, just dry nyashing. The gal told me she doesnt want to see the bobo anymore, and the bobo dey try call the gal for the past few days and the gal no wan answer am. Me sef i just dey act like say i no know wetin happen. But its like d fourth naija bobo, wey girl wey i know dey complain abt, say dem no dey do foreplay at all.

Personally, I believe in foreplay, in fact I think a guy has to know how to hit a ladies spot, so she's begging and pleading for u to give her the koko cos she can't stand the teasing anymore, so by the time u give am the koko the gal go done travel go mars and pluto at least four times before the session is over, So guys u have to take ur time in satisfying a gal, none of that dry selfish humping o, and always wear condom abeg. It reminds me of this gal a while back that always tore my boxers off cos she couldn't stand the teasing and she been wan make omo calabar fill her up with my junior officer, she come get this double orgasm thing she use to do and ..........( Another stori for another time)

So am wondering ladies, have u ladies experienced the same thing? As in does ur guy take his time in satisfying u or is he about getting his business done. None of dat holy holy attitude o, just share ur experiences jare.

Love u guys, and welcome ur comments.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Damn! damn! Damn! damn!

How farrrrrrrrr? wetin dey hapen now? How una dey? Me i dey kampe, i full ground, Infact i over bam. I just dey on chinchila levels. Happy belated thanksgiving. Merry belated christmas, and happy new year in advance. My thanksgiving was fabolous, christmas was awesome, and new year will be fantastic. I follow my cousin go im girlfriend/fiancee house, omo na so i turn Dave chappelle for dere, i just dey crack up everybody for there, na so all the oyingbo laugh like say craze catch them. When it came to time to chopulate, i did the food injustice, i overate sotey my tummy wan burst. we come go snowmobiling all over the country side, also ice skated, though i fell down so many times my butt was hurting. Generally, it was freaking awesome.

So tori plenti o, in fact tori plenti well wellu. First of all, make i apologize for not updating as i should, omo i come dey busy with school no be small thing o, fall semester was a bitch, e be like say i come dey get lecturers from hell, omo i no fit sweet talk dem at all,na so strict strict dem dey. E go better sha at at least i had a good gpa and am still on the dean's list thank God for that.

On other gist, this midwest weather, me is not liking it at all o. Omo na so snowstorm we dey get o. Not to even talk about the ice, na so me and envy(my fab car) we just dey slide over creation for road, na God just dey help make person no get accident for this America wey i come o. Nolan ran back to sri lanka o, the stupid boy just dey call us dey yarn us about 80 degrees weather wey dem get for there, e be like say we go push the stupid boy put am for snow wey im come back. Oga fineboy dey alright o, d boy just dey nack exchange students anyhow, d boy don go join one kind committe for school wey dey welcome new students, na so d bobo just dey welcome dem for bedroom. i been gats take out trash bag to the dumpster the other day, d number of used condoms wey dey our trashbag, omo afraid catch me. u go know say walgreens and walmart dey use us make money well well, cos the kishi wey we dey spend on condoms and urs and mine lube, for don feed all the hungry pickin dem for sudan for a year.

So everybody is waiting to hear about nadia ehhn. see all of una, una too like tori. Nadia and i no been fit meet in november as we were suppose to, a combination of work for her, school for me and the ridiculous weather we have been having, e no com dey possible.

So what happen? Me and nadia we met last weekend. I had to fly down there to meet her, I been get mixed feeling since we never see each other for four months now. So we land now, Baby gal was waiting for me at the arrival lounge. When i saw her all i could say was DAMN! The gal was looking so sexy and it felt good to see her again. So we got her apartment, we didnt need to say anything, I just turn my ipod on, waka go her puter table connected my ipod to her speaker dock and turn on the dido playlist.

Omo we started kissing passionately now, i come dey nibble her ears and neck, come dey tease her nipples, dey trail down to her vspot, i bypass the vspot, come dey kiss her thighs, ankle and feet and then went back to the vspot. Me i like pussy o, theres nothing as good as pussy, i like am no be small, I love giving woman head o. So i just dey suck on nadia like say na one kind christmas candy wey santa give me, omo d thing come enter d woman medulla oblongta, d woman dey thrash, dey moan like say craze catch am, she come dey like all those cele people for lagos bar beach. wo me i hold am down for the bed, I just dey lick dat clit, dey tongue fuck am like monk wey never see pussy in years. Nadia just dey holla "oh my god" "please dont stop", "yes", Ahhh when nadia come ehh na different tori entirely, d gal dey multi orgarsm, dey shake bed me sef i dey fear say she go break am. After d gal don calm down, she come turn me over, take my boxers off, come give me head. Nadia gives d best head o, i no go lie, no teeth involve, just tongue and power sucking. Omo na so i just dey hang on to the bed sides, dey lick my lips like say person dash me Mcdonald strawberry shake. Nadia come roll condom on me, come mount me.

wo, the gal kpensh me ehhh, the gal ride me no be small, she just dey grind me, dey nyash me, dey power fuck me. I come roll am over doggy style, it was time for c boy to take charge. I clasp her two hands behind her and proceeded to pound d gal like say i dey pound yam for village. Nadia just dey talk dirty gimme me, she just dey holla "fuck me c boy", "have been a naughty bad gal", "fuck that slutty pussy", "give it to me harder", " i want u to punish me", "fuck me , U man whore". Omo by this time i was grinning like a billy goat, Na so i just dey slap her nyash, dey holla at am "tell me who's your daddy" she dey answer "its u c boy", I was like "i can't hear u", the gal dey shout "its u, c boy". I was like 'Damn right".

I was seriously concentrating on flogging that pussy with ma junior koboko. Omo nadia toto sweet well well, i was just tearing it up, at the same time i was grinning like gringory, i come dey make smiley faces like papa ajasco, the pleasure just dey enter my cerebellum dey course through my veins.

Omo na so nadia just come tighten her pussy wall, come dey squeeze junior officer, dat one na her way to make me cum be dat. For where, i just dey shout say na lie for my mind, i neva enjoy d punnany finish u wan trick me make i cum, na so i just dey send telegraphic communication to junior officer say bobo hang in there, dont give up, dont dissapoint me, the mission is not over yet. fortunately junior officer listened and co-operated.

Na so i just dey nack the gal til we both came ohh, omo come see as i dey hang on to nadia bakassi peninsula make i no fall over, cos the orgarsm was powerful. I just dey shake like say hurricane katrina dey blow, na so i just full up the condom with juice. Na im nadia just collapse for bed, the gal no fit move, i come dey snuggle am, the whispher sweet nothings to am. By this time, i was grinning and nodding like the agama lizard, cos i knew i did a good job. We probably kpensh seven more time that weekend, cos i no say my junior officer was completely limp on sunday evening as i had to go catch my flight back to my side.

Guess what, we get to meet this weekend, i don dey conserve my strength, dey ready myself, cos calabar boys no dey carry last o, I might just divulge every sordid details if u guys promise to be good. LOL.

Shout to all of u guys, and especially to the ladies. keep leaving them comments, appreciate it. Happy new year u guys.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Gbosa i don land. Una been miss me? I don dey out of action for a coupla months now, its been a combination of school, extra school activities, work, relationship problems, no sex life etc. it has been a real tough semester i no go lie u. By the way i don broke no be small, before i dey make yanga give my boss for work before, nowadays i dey paddy up to the woman for overtime hours.

On to other gists, I wanna fuck. Yes o. Agro don catch me no be small. Dis past months i just dey on celibacy levels o, Calabar boi neva Kpensh in almost 3 months. Am going through serious shagging withdrawals, all in the name of commitment to nadia. I refuse to take the wanking alternative because am trying to keep to ma new year resolution of not wanking at all dis year.

What about nadia? The gal was able to get a job with microsoft and had to move to a different city. So we have just been doing the long distance thing, i no like am at all. Last time I visited her, i just dey siddon for air plane dey dream of plenti kpenshing that weekend, i dey imagine the different positions i go take bone the girl,i don even buy two packs of trojan dey prepare myself for serious action. Ahhhhhh to my utmost dissapointment nadia monthly visitor just showed up that evening, she offered a blow job, but it didnt cut it all. i just wan stick junior officer in a tight, juicy hole. kai i don die o.

Am at school at d moment, I just dey peruse all d sexy kokolets wey dey pass me, Na so i just dey imagine kpenshing one of dem. kai wahala plenti o. Last nite i was tempted to cheat on nadia, wetin concern me, i been wan chop clean mouth come put up innocent boy face give am. It all started with oga fineguy, the homeboy dey nyash one exchange student from uk, Na so those two just dey kpensh like say tommorow no go come. The gal sef na one of those girls wey dey sabi moan well well, as the two of them just dem kpensh all night, me i just dey my room dey get boner all nite.

The uk gal come our house the other day with one of her friends. Apparently oga fineguy don dey go behind the Uk gal dey nyash her friend, so d bobo dey push d friend gimme. Me sef i no mind chopping left overs, as long as dat toto sweet well well. i don dey yarn with the gal but guilty conscience dey catch me sha, cos i no want jinx the thing wey i get with nadia.

The way its going, i might have to wank. Guys una know say, when any bobo neva kpensh in a long time, d first time wey im go kpensh, bobo go turn to one minute man. God forbid bad thing, d kind embarras wey for catch me ehh, i 4 run enta hole. Omo Calabar is a stud, so am probably gonna have to wank to avoid any kind of unwanted disaster in the sack.

On a more serious note, nadia and I are gonna be meeting this weekend to discuss the state of the relationship, if theres a future in what we are doing or if we should just break up.

E be like say i go holla at lady koko, bombchell or afrobabe, tell dem say i get free spot on ma appointment book. Lol.

Thanks guys for the love, i do appreciate it.
P.s Happy thanksgiving in advance.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

na so e be.

My people wetin dey? So me and nadia have been going out for a while now right. It kinda feels good to wake up to her brown sexy arse in ma bed. So the other day i met her brother. The brother and I had taken a Philosophy class a few years back, and the guy has a teribble attitude problem, since I be naija boy and we no dey take last i decided to put him in his place, so nevertheless we havent been on good terms since then. So this is how the conversation went...

Nadia bros: "I heard u going out with my lil sis"
Calabar boi: Yeah thats right.
Nadia bros: I dont like it
Calabar boi: Dats too bad bro.( felt like saying "who gives a fuck what u like.")
Nadia bros: I told my Dad about u two.
Calabar boi: oh yeah.
Nadia bros: He doesnt like Nigerians.
Calabar boi: He's entitled to his opinion.( I been one say something bad about im own country people, i just hold myself)
The guy just c say im no fit get rise outta me, na so him hiss commot. Felt like punching the short morrafucker.

Dat gal nadia na craze gal o, omo na so d gal don come overshadow my life like play. when i meet am d gal tell me say if i dey wit am, she go make sure say i no go look anoda woman. I feel say na joke, i know no say d gal dey serious o. D gal go stop by for my house b4 she go work for night, na so d gal go nyash me merciless sotey i go just lie down for bed i no fit move, na so i go just dey snore b4 she comot go work,Club where i been wan go, i no fit go. Oga fineguy dey tell me say d gal don put me on lock down o, say na die i dey.I no sabi d kain jazz d gal dey carry waka. E get this thing wey she dey do, wey she go put condom for her mouth, then come roll am on without touching junior officer, its so damn sexy to c. So a couple days back when she come ma house, i tell am say i no wan do jare. I was determined to stand ma grounds. for where, dat gal no dey take no for answero, she just collect tv remote control from ma hand, switch channel put am on MTV J, she come turn all the light except one lamp off, begin dey dance, dey do slow strip tease, my blood was getting hot. I dey try bone, dey do tough guy, i dey tell my self u have to be strong. The way dat nyansh dey shake ehh, chei she come dey finger herself for my front, aaaah na so ma eye just dey pop like popcorn. na so she just waka come meet me for bed, come touch ma bodi, ahhh e come be like say nepa give light, na so everything 4 body just standa, junior officer dey seriously nod head, i come melt, before u fit finis spelling mungo park, i dey kiss d gal, dey nibble her neck, the suck on her boobs, come dey give the gal head. Come c as i dey rush to roll condom on junior officer, d gal sef don position her pussy for ma front, i begin the nyash d gal doggy like craze dog where neva c fuck before. Na so d gal, jus dey holla , "Calaba boi o, oh ma god, oh yes, harder baby harder, just like dat, yes" Omo na so i just dey move in and out d gal toto like say i dey pump water for village borehole. we come switch, as naida come dey on top dey nack me cowgal position, ahhh na so d gal eye don dilate eh, she just begin dey speak in tongues for her language. (d first time d gal talk for her language during sex,fear catch me no be small, i just dey wonder which kain incantation dis gal dey yarn over ma body, i even wan call mumsy make she fire prayer gimme, say indian gal don kill me) Na so we cum 2gether, ahh person go feel say na earthquake hit, d way d bed dey shake, with the noise we dey make. As we dey cuddle na, d gal tell me say "calabar boi, tell me u didnt like it" Me i just dey grin like He goat for my grandmama house. Kai my own don finis jare.

i don dey lok for ways to try avoid dis indian gal. I neva knew the day would come wey gal go render me helpless for bed, its always the opposite case. But by d time d gal finis wit me, na so i go tire eh. The other day d gal say she wan second round, aah i dey look am like say she don crase, second run k, ahhh u no go kill me for dis person country o. Thank God say d gal don get her period, na so i just dey happy eh, Dis past one week she no dey c my brakelight.

Did i tell u My roomie, Mr fineguy is back? Yeap Homeboy rocked NY and is back. So to celebrate we decided to go downtown for a few drinks, Nolan and Mr Flashy had tagged along and we at this bar, and i met this oyingbo gal i have been ignoring for a coupla months now. Dis particular ikebe don harrass my life no be small. The gal na big time nympho, i kid u not, I mean dis gal is ready to nyash 3 days non stop if she could have her way, na im i quick quick leave am as i no wan die yet. Reason wey i live am be say d homegal cum dey act like say na she own ma junior officer, say i no fit nyash any other person o. See wahala, we aint dating and u r acting all controlling and shit. So calabar boi have been ignoring the gal o since i met nadia but the gal was like "Calabr boi, Lets go to ma house, I got a gift for ya." i was like "stacy, i got a girlfriend now". She was like "what she don't know aint gonna hurt right". I dey look am like say u no know wetin me i dey go thru with nadia, na im u wan come carry ur own add. After enof talk, was able to convince her to go home with Nolan. The gal nyash Nolan so tey d homeboy no fit waka, na im d bobo call me dey curse me for im language say which kain gal i give am. I laugh no be small. Abi No be d guy wan fuck.

So na so me and ma crew dey club a coupla nights back, we just dey chill the browse all the kokolets, me sef ma eye don dey shine( u dey ask where nadia dey? i dey run from d gal o), na so this oyingbo boy come dey our front dey talk trash for mouth. Apparently oga fineguy been nyash d guy gal, so d gal go do confession give her guy. Omo na so the four of us gang up on d guy o, Come c as i come ghetto ehhh, i dey flow yarns like original Acata boy, person dey hear us talk go feel say we be proper Black Americanos. Come see efizzy, c levels wey we dey give ourself. Omo na so d bobo fear, na so im gal dey drag am comot. Na so me i dey holla " yea crackhead, get cha bitch arse outta here bfore i catch a muthafucking case off ur pussy arse." Omo Naija boys no dey carry last o.

Just wanna say thank u guys, for ur comments and stopping by on the blog and showing me love. U guys rock, am gonna keep doing what i do, Y'all just stay tuned and keep droppin dem comments. One Luv guys.

Its one and the only Calabar boi signing out.
P.s. Should i give u a brief taste of the next post, its about a certain gal from togo....hmmm u guys are gonna have to wait,

Sunday, August 24, 2008

dat is eh

My people jist plenti o, Hw una dey na? Calabar boi just dey o. Oga fineguy wey i dey share 2bdr apartment with don run leave house o. Bobo dey enjoy for new york, na so every evening d bobo dey call, dey tell me of the atrocities wey him dey commit for brooklyn, me sef vacation come dey hungry me, e be like say i go run go cali go chill b4 school start again o.

Things don happen for the past coupla weeks man. Story plenti where i go nack una. 4 weeks ago, Oga fineguy parents decided to drop in unannounced from PH, naija. The previous night me, oga fineguy, my ibo brother (mr flashy) and my sri lankan friend( make i call am Nolan) we just jam club o, Oga nolan just buy 2008 mercedes c class o, so we just dey strut, dey pose, dey flex, dey jam to T.I new hit(whatever u like) dey enter club, b4 this we don hit a coupla bars downtown so i been don high with enough grey goose, Hennessy and smirnoff. It was amazing say cops no stop us dash us DUI ticket that night. Omo na so i just dey bust move for dance floor no be small, just dey shake body like my second uncle on my aunty brother side Mr michael jackson teach me. Omo as we just dey shake body now, boys don dey shine eye, dey look for kokolets wey we go carry go house na. As club end around 3am, we just dey outside dey chat up 3 chickas, dem come gree follow us go house.

As we reach house na, we don dey smile say dis one we go nyash till kingdom come. Na so dem gals drop bomb o. Dem say they were in their early 30s, we tell dem say age is just a number, because personally as long as u never clock 50, to me u r still fuckable. Dem drop second bomb say dem dey married, say dem don dey married ranging from 9 to 11 years. We say ok, na wahala e go make life easy we nyash u finish, u go back go meet ur husband, no strings attached. Na so dem drop another bomb say d three of them get 2 pickin each. Say their husbands carry their pickin dem go camping so dem sef dey do gals nite out.

Omo as i take one of them enter room na( make i call am emily). Na so d gal dey talk say she no know whether she wan do again o, see whahala o, omo na so i spend 45 minutes dey hustle dis gal no be small,d gal sef stubborn pass naija woman o, I talk sotey saliva dry for mouth, d drink wey i drink clear me for eye. After enough cajoling and talking the girl come gree. Omo na so i use vex nyash am, d gal sef dey freaky o, i nyash so tey after three rounds, my junior officer no gree standa again o. Na im we go sleep o. 6.45am on the dot dis gal wake up o, say she wan do again. For my mind i dey yarn see me see wahala o, first u no wan do, now u wan kill me, ahh e no go better for u o. Luckily i had a legitimate reason, we had use all the condoms i had the previous nite, so i tell am say we no fit nyash o, say condom don finish. Na so d gal say make i nyash am raw, Na i tell am say no matter how juicy dat pussy dey, my junior officer no go nack am raw, i no know which kind std she get, in fact i no wan know, make she just keep am to her self. I have to be alive to shag another day o, i no wan dey take medicine for the rest of my life o. The gal say in a few hrs she go enter walgreens pick up condoms come back house.

A few minutes later, na so oga fineguy parents call o, say dem dey our former apartment make we come open the security locked entrance give dem. Na im oga fineguy tell dem say we don move give dem new address. wetin sef us be say the distance from the former apartment to the new one is roughly 20 mins. Omo na so oga fineguy call me tell me wetin dey happen, omo see as boys dey panic. Fear catch me no be small o. The speed wey we take discharge those gals ehh, u go feel say house dey on fire. we just dey holla, "ladies u gotta go, Now, Now, common move it. yeah dont forget ur bra, yeah pick up ur panties, yeah u gotta get ur arse outta here immediately". The gals sef come dey wonder wetin dem do. See as we dey do speed vacuuming and clean up, we just dey rip off all the wall posters wey women dey naked from wall, dey put up religious banners for wall, dey put up family pictures, open window up febreeze the entire apartment. A few minutes later fineguy parents enter house o, we just put up innocent faces, dey smile give dem. omo na so dem just spoil dat week o. If to say dem come catch us with women for house, oga fineguy parent for immediately call my own people, give dem dey gist, na so my parents sef for enter d first flight wey dey leave naija to yankee. I just dey imagine my old man for dey tell my mama,'' i told u. Didn't i say that boy should not have gone to school in America. Dont say i didn't tell u so. He should have gone to school in london where my two brothers are, so they could keep an eye on him''. My momsy sef for find naija church for yankee here make sure say i go deliverance, do dry fasting. The thought of it still gives me the jitters. No matter how old pickin dey, parents still dey get final word o. As per emily, i carry am go nolan house go nyash am four times dat week, as my apartment wasnt conducive for any woman to enter. After giving her enough koboko we just cut the nyashing rounds off as her husband been don come back. Pastor pickin, na dem dey spoil pass na.

On the other hand, our dream team try for beijing sha o. Make we give dem a hand of applause. Winning silver sef no be small thing. Much kudos to Siasia and the rest of the coaching crew. Those bobos try well well, to show say we no gats spend thousand of euros to employ froeign coach wey n fit coach at all.

E be like say ur boy don fall in lovina o. E get this indian gal wey we take the same Management class 4 spring semester, the gal sexy no be small. Me and Mr flashy go oga nolan house to go chop some kind spicy sri lankan food wey d guy don prepare, na so i go jam dis indian gal for dere (make i call am nadia). So we begin dey yarn just dey jist abt school, work and etc, i come ask am out the girl gree o. Omo na so i go wash my baby envy(dats my cars name by d way)well, well, clean am up so both the exterior and interior dey bling. Come dress up like one kain gentleman. luckily4 me( e sweet to get friend whose parents are stinkingly rich) b4 oga fineguy parents go dem drop me 6 grand( na 3 months pay check be dat o. na so i dey do yanga give my boss nowadays, i no dey work as much as before, d woman sef don dey complain, but dat one na different stori), so pepper don rest, money plenti to spend. so we just did the regular dinner and movies and later went on the lake walk and talked as we enjoyed the scenery, ur boy was just being the nice gentleman and everything. Normally, during the first dates, i dey unfailingly touch first base, by the third date i don touchdown, nack to my fullest. But for some reasons it hasnt being so, with nadia, since we have been out on almost 7 dates I no been wan rush am o, i dey keep d gal special. Who knows she might be the one. We finally made passionate love yesterday( Have u guys noted the change in words, we didnt have sex, "we made passionate love"). Am not gonna share the sordid details as i usually do, cos dis one dey special, i fit carry am go meet momsy, my naija gals make una no vex o. I can only say I was ninja fucked and it was spectacular, amazing, so fucking awesome and mindbreaking. Lets c how it plays out, dont know if i dey lovina levels, abi na just infatuation, cos i think my randy days might just be over.

Make una take am easy sha. To calabar gal, Hw far now?
God bless Y'all.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Na wa o

How una dey na? I neva blog in a while o, U dey ask why? I be aajepako boy o, i gat hustle for school fees o. my people na so boys just dey jump from one job to the other for dis america way i come, so tey all d oyingbo don know me as oga overtime, na so my boss dey tell me and oga fineguy say "u two nigerians are making too much money in this company". Na im i tell am say na so e suppose be. Boys gat make money so we fit flex when time reach.

My people na so iphone 3G comot july 11, ah come see line where dey in front AT$T office na. People dey craze for this Iphone o. My people talking of iphone u no say levels dey for dis yankee. Na so me and oga fineguy just dey pose dey denge anyhow dey dream of day where we go enter naija go dey oppress home base naija boys, na so oga fineguy Uncle dey enter yankee next week o, the guy wan come yankee come buy 50 Iphones to go sell for naija. Omo na so i just dey open mouth o, as i dey so i no fit even buy 7 Iphones na so one person wan come buy 50. I dey talk with my bros d other day na so d guy just dey ask me if i dey enter naija xmas, na so i tell am say i neva know. Na im dey guy dey tell me say as if i come, make i no carry some yeye small change four thousand dollars come dey pose for naija, na so d bobo tell me say for every money wey i comot say him go double am. Omo fear catch me o, na dis one people dey talk say money no dey naija.

Na im i dey ask my bros say why old boy no dey gree pay my fees anymore, na so d guy yarn me say my old man still dey vex say i no go london go school, say i come choose to go school in America against his wish, dey study wetin im no want make i study, say i dey on my own o. Naija parents na wa for dem o, dey one dictate person life from A to Z, omo I rather suffer do program i wan do, than to let dem tell me wetin i gats do.

Omo na so my boss hire new chika for work o, omo baby gal fine no be small, na so i just dey watch dat nyash dey rotate, dey bounce as she dey waka. Omo dat gal nyash fit raise the dead o. Damn na so i just dey dream of nacking dat nyash o. Na God go save me o.

Omo d other day, I just decide say I go respect myself, dey with one gal. stop this womanizing and just be a good boy all through. Omo e neva even reach 3 hrs na so i get 3 calls from 3 different koklets, one of dem na one gal wey just dey do yanga gimme, Na im i give the first two appointment, na so i go block d third gal for her apartment, we just dey yarn, we come commot go c movies come back her apartment , na so baby gal no fit keep him hands from me o, for my mind i just tell am say u don die today.

My people i neva meet woman wey dey scream like dis gal o, i no say woman gats moan, when she dey feel dey koboko inside am. but dis gal na something else o. Na so d gal just dey scream, dey yell "oh my god, it feels so good, fuck me harder, oh my god, oh yes" sotey i gats stop twice in the middle of the nacking ask d girl wether she sure say she dey alright, na so d gal dey say" am alright, just keep fuckin me" being the gentleman i was, I had to oblige the lady. After three rounds and 3 magum condoms,na so d gal just dey tell me say she neva nack in almost 8 months o, say i don satisy am well well, omo na so calabar boy nod head, i come congratulate myself.

Abeg make una tell obama make d bobo dey careful dis wan wey im dey go middle east o. I dey fear o. My people i go dey keep una current on the happenings around dis yankee. Make una all take am easy and God bless.